Asian Student Association

Black Student Union

Champlain Club Hockey

Champlain College Esports

Champlain Crochet

Champlain Crochet provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for anyone who wishes to crochet or learn to crochet. Whether you’re completely new to the craft or an expert, we’re happy to have you with us. Champlain Crochet meets every Friday in the Vista room (3rd floor of the library) from 6-8pm.

Fighting Games Champs

Champlain Golf Club

Champlain Production Club

Champlain Ski and Ride

Climb Champlain

The climbing club is a casual sports club that brings students to the local climbing gyms for 3 different sessions per week. We foster a welcoming environment for people to stay fit and push their own personal goals as well as learn climbing skills!

Cross Country

The goal of the running club is to foster an environment that allows runners of all abilities to pursue their own personal fitness goals while having the opportunity to run with peers who share the same fitness level and activity goals. All are welcome!


Equestrian Club

Fiction addiction Reading Club

FARC is run by Co-Presidents Italia Young and Kamira Peterson. Students these days have a hard time reading or writing on their own because of the requirements and expectations in school. It has become more of a chore than an enjoyment. After Kamira and I realized this, we decided to bring back reading but in a FUN way. This club focuses on the creativity of its members. A book club might sound like strictly reading and conversing but with FARC we do so much more!!!! We watch movies based on books, we have paint nights, we make bookmarks, we have poetry reading nights, we write our own eulogies, and we simply give students an opportunity to share their literature creativity with other students. We all need a place to destress when school and life get stressful. Come and sit with us, read, listen, or just chill. You never know, we could be sitting with the next Maya Angelou or Edgar Allen Poe.

Graphic Design Club

Hiking Club

Include +

A social club and affinity space for the LGBT+ community at Champlain

International Business Club

The purpose of the International Business Club at Champlain College is to facilitate meaningful dialogue surrounding foreign policy, current events, international relations, and diplomacy, among other topics.

Marksmanship Club

Men’s Rugby

Phi Alpha Social Work Honors Society

Public Relations Student Society of America

PRSSA is a club for students to explore public relations, marketing, and many more subjects across different majors to gain experience for their resume’s while having fun with their peers.

Robotics Club

Republican Club

Stiller Women in Business

Stiller Women in Business meets weekly to host events, talk about current topics in business, and provide underrepresented students in the business world a place to feel seen and heard. All are welcome!

Syndicate for Appreciating and Watching Horror (SAWH)

We’re what it says on the tin: a club that meets every Thursday night to watch and then discuss horror movies (and eat snacks)!

Tabletop Games Club

The Champlayers

Volleyball Club

Women’s Rugby Club

Womxn in Technology

Yarn for Good