Who We Are

The Champlain College Student Government Association is a group of students that exists to serve and represent the student body. We want to empower you to take action to better your experience at Champlain and to collaborate in transforming your visions into reality on this campus. This year, the SGA is specifically focused on engaging consistently & connecting personally with the student body—and we want to interact with you and listen to your thoughts, concerns, and big ideas on what our campus needs to become more productive, more progressive, and more inclusive.

Mission Statement:

The Student Government Association is an advocate for the Champlain College community and acts as a liaison for students to the administration, staff, and faculty. The SGA strives to affect change on behalf of the students, thereby creating a more enjoyable environment and a promising future. The SGA offers opportunities for leadership development, involvement, and personal growth within Champlain College.


The 2017-2018 Student Government Cabinet

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Christa Bennett, President
Bianca Roa, Vice President
Kiana Best, Director of Diversity and Engagement
Alan Barlow Director of Operations






Monique Lavallee, Director of Communications
Zhomart Dairov, Director of Finance
Kendra Gagnon, Director of Clubs






The 2017-2018 House Of Representatives

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Montserrat GuerraSolano
CCM Representative
Jeremy Partyka, CCM Representative
Hansel Carter IV, CCM Representative
Tyler Brabant, ITS Representative






Julia Woodward, SSB Representative
Brett Schwartz SSB Representative
Kathryn Young, EHS Representative
Absa Samba, EHS Representative
Abi Sesay, Academic Diversity Representative
Kathryn Speelman, Fourth Year Representative



Cecilia Pohlar, First Year Representative
Douglas Kapinos, First Year Representative








Abigail Lewis, First Year Representative
Michael-Paul Ho Kang You, Second Year Representative

Fall Semester Representatives Studying Abroad

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Dustin Lost, ITS Representative
Aaron Leonard, ITS Representative
Bekemeh Airewele, Academic Diversity Representative
Gabe Ingman, EHS Representative






Katherine Starr, EHS Representative
Ben Heller, CCM Representative





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Evan Kimble, Finance Assistant
Cecilia Pohlar, Communications Assistant







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Michelle Miller, Senior Associate Provost
Ciaran Buckley, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Allen-Pennebaker, Assistant Professor