Fiction Addiction Reading Club (FARC)

Students these days have a hard time reading or writing on their own because of the requirements and expectations in school. It has become more of a chore than an enjoyment. This club is dedicated to bringing back reading, but in a FUN way. FARC focuses on the creativity of its members. A book club might sound like strictly reading and conversing, but with FARC, we do so much more!!!! We watch movies based on books, we have paint nights, we make bookmarks, we have poetry reading nights, we write our own eulogies, and we simply give students an opportunity to share their literary creativity. We all need a place to destress when school and life get rough. Come and sit with us, read, listen, or just chill. You never know, you could be sitting with the next Maya Angelou or Edgar Allen Poe!!!

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Co-President: Italia Young
Co-President: Kamira Peterson
Advisor: Jessica Allard, Library Head of Collections & Assistant Professor,