Dan McCorkle, Filmmaking Major, Shoots ‘The Nose’

Dan McCorkle is a fourth year filmmaking student at Champlain College. He recently presented a grant to SGA regarding his capstone film, The Nose. The film is based on a Russian short story called ‘The Nose’ written by Nikolai Gogol and will be the culmination of my work here at Champlain College. It is a story heavily grounded in “magical realism” and will include a variety of practical effects and unusual set design. McCorkle expressed ‘The Nose’ to be “the zenith of my stylistic growth as a student filmmaker”.

Last year Dan McCorkle completed a science fiction piece, titled ‘Untold’. This piece called for the building of multiple scale models, the design of costumes, and creation of a spaceship interior set in the basement of Cushing Hall. Dan worked hard to ensure the film fit the golden age of Sci-Fi aesthetic. Thus, In October the film will be screening on PBS’ “Made Here” program as part of a showcase of local Vermont artists. This year Dan is looking to push the visual boundaries of his work even further. He had tirelessly been writing the script and preparing for production since the end of Spring Semester, 2018.

McCorkle’s film will benefit the Champlain student body in a variety of ways. The film offers working opportunities for rising Champlain filmmaking students and will represent a quality piece of work arising out of the school’s supportive attitude toward students.This will be a great opportunity for them to grow as filmmakers, learn the intricacies of on set work, and become comfortable with their peers and their own talents.  ‘The Nose’ is a stylistic outsider from many other student works at Champlain. It is a bizarre and visually stimulating work, a “midnight movie” of sorts. It will stand out in Champlain College’s repertoire of work, and will serve to expand the broad spectrum of talented work arising from Champlain College’s filmmaking program.

Loss in the Champlain Community | A Statement by the Student Government

TRIGGER WARNING – This letter contains information about suicide and loss which may be upsetting to others.

Champlain Community,

As we learn about the events of this previous weekend it is important to reflect on how an event like this affects our community. With that in mind the SGA wants to address a few key points. Suicide is a very important subject. We’re hurting, we’re confused, we’re still processing things.

The Student Government Association stands with the community of Champlain College. Going forward, we are working to encourage open communication, and de-stigmatizing mental health in the most conducive and healthy manner. It is important to us all that our community receive the resources necessary to not only mourn the loss of our loved ones, but to prevent further tragedies from occurring. It is moments like this that remind us to reach out for support from others to heal.

On Monday, December 3rd, a Candlelight Vigil will be held in memory of lost loved ones. The gathering will occur in Fireside Lounge from 4:00–5:00 PM. We strongly encourage those affected by their loss to join us to share stories in a safe space, grieve quietly, or offer their support to the community.The Student Government will be supplying refreshments and welcome staff, faculty, and students.

Champlain College is a space that aims to ensure that every member of its community can feel safe to express themselves. When tragedies occur, we are forced back into a harsher reality. Some find it difficult to express productivity in an academic environment, as an event like this breaks the bubble we live in. We are reminded tragedy can occur within our own community. During this time, outreach is encouraged as seeking support can strengthen us.


Champlain College Counseling services are available 24/7

  • Counseling will be offering drop-in counseling in Skiff Hall from 9:00 AM–4:00 PM all week.
  • Counseling Services are available 24/7 by calling the Champlain College help line at 802-865-5745 or the Howard Center Crisis Line at 802-488-7777.
  • If you are in a life threatening situation, please call 911 or go directly to the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.
  • Vermont Crisis Text Line – https://vtcrisistextline.org/  
  • For more details about available services, please visit the Student Health and Wellness website.
  • Other Campus Support Resources

Deepest Condolences,

Your Representatives of the Student Government Association

Your Sources for Campus Support

Please refer to the following list if you are in need of support and seek either on-campus or off-campus resources.

Campus Public Safety:

The office of Campus Public Safety is currently located in Durick Hall. The department consists of 11 officers who share the primary objective of providing a safe and secure environment through constant patrols and emergency response.

Call: (802) 865-6465

Champlain College Counseling:

The Champlain College Counseling Center is located at Skiff Hall. Services include individual and group counseling, psychiatric medication management and referrals, crisis services, and wellness programming. Services are available 24/7.

Call Champlain College help line: 802-865-5745

Call Howard Center Crisis Line: 802-488-7777

Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

Champlain College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) aims to create a welcoming, accepting, and affirming environment for all students, while providing support to all underrepresented student populations.

Visit: IDX Student Life Center, room 303

Call: (802) 860-2780

Email: Diversity@champlain.edu

Women and Gender Center:

The WGC is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Provides a comfortable, inclusive, and fun place for students to hang out, meet new friends, and have good conversation. Students of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome to call this place home, and hope you will! They also facilitate educational and supportive programming around our three major themes. All are welcome.   

Visit: Skiff Annex, room 102

Email: womensandgender@champlain.edu

Call: 802-383-6600

Student Government Association:

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an advocate for the Champlain College community and acts as a liaison for students to the Administration, Staff, and Faculty. The SGA strives to effect change on behalf of the students, thereby creating a more enjoyable environment and a promising future.

Visit: Hearthstone (IDX 313) across from Fireside Lounge

Email: sga@champlain.edu

Skiff Hall:

Champlain College’s Department of Residential Life

Located in Skiff Hall and is open from 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday. You may stop in at any time, but an appointment is recommended. They routinely meet with students to help them identify and access on and off-campus resources. In the evenings, an Assistant Director or Area Coordinator is available outside of office hours to respond to emergency and crisis situations if needed.

AC On Call: (802) 343-0719


The Student Health Center (Open Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 AM) provides health care to Champlain College’s undergraduate and international students—both on-campus residents and commuters. They work with all students, whether they’re covered by college insurance or their parent or guardian’s policy. The staff includes registered nurses and nurse practitioners, as well as a variety of medical consultants.

Email: healthservices@champlain.edu

Call: (802) 860-2711

Visit: Whiting Hall, 203 S. Willard Street, Burlington VT.


BSides Ottawa Conference | Cybersecurity

On November 8th, a group of Champlain College students consisting of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics majors attended the BSides Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Security BSides Ottawa is a grassroots-driven conference that provides an open platform for security experts and industry professionals to share ideas and insights and to reach out to the community. Security BSides Ottawa provides a rare opportunity to directly connect and create trusted relationships with key members of the Ottawa security community from the municipal, federal, and private sectors.

Champlain students attended to gain knowledge on topics relevant to their major and future profession. They also received the opportunity to gain connections to help bridge peers at Champlain into the industry.

NAEYC 2018 Conference | Education Majors

On November 14th, The National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) launched their 2018 Annual Conference in Washington DC. Champlain students, Dymon Guthrie and Vanessa Guzman, were able to attend the 4-day conference with the aid of the Student Government Association grant fund in addition to funding from the EHS Department and Angel Fund. As two Early Childhood and Elementary Education undergraduate students, they found the conference impactful and imperative to their growth as education professionals.

To attend the event, Dymon and Vanessa tirelessly detailed their trip from determining transportation to budgeting meals. Dymon states,“This unique event took lots of planning and preparation, but it was worth it!”. First-time attendees, Dymon and Vanessa, utilized the opportunity to network with other educators and participate in speaker sessions, providing helpful tips on teaching America’s future generations.

While at the conference, the two undergrads were able to fully understand the importance of Early Childhood Educators and realize how fundamental their future career choice is. They  participated in sessions involving how to help children regulate their emotions, the importance of play to help spark children’s creativity, as well as tips pertaining to self care. A major takeaway from the event was the need to maintain selfcare before taking care of others.

“Fill yourself up before you can give to someone else.” – NAUEYC 2018 Annual Conference

Three methods to practice for self care the reader may utilize include:

  1. Practice mindfulness through deep breathing and being self aware.
  2. Create your own community by having people in you can talk deeply with.
  3. Think of three good things that you are thankful for.

Dymon and Vanessa are ready to provide their classmates with all the lessons and takeaways they received during their time at the 2018 Annual Conference. The SGA values the professional and academic growth of the Champlain student body. Thus, the House of Representatives takes initiative in providing financial aid for academic conferences that positively impact students. Please reach out to the SGA if Dymon and Vanessa’s experience inspired you pursue attending future professional events!