Womxn in Technology (WiT)

The Womxn in Technology Club offers a safe and supportive space for students who are considered minorities in the field of technology. While the club mainly focuses on the experiences of those students who are minorities in regard to gender (female-identifying, gender non-conforming), all students are welcome and diverse experiences and perspectives are what our club is all about! Join us for a mix of community building and technical nights, where we may invite guest speakers, talk about different technologies folks are interested in, or have hands-on educational activities and labs.

Email us at savannah.ciak@mymail.champlain.edu!
Instagram: @champ.wit
Facebook: @Champlain_WiT
Twitter: @Champlain_WiT

Club President: Savannah Ciak, savannah.ciak@mymail.champlain.edu
Vice President: Hannelore Sanokklis, hannelore.sanokklis@mymail.champlain.edu
Game Representative: Sierra Blume, sierra.blume@mymail.champlain.edu
Communications Lead: Lily Pouliot, lily.pouliot@mymail.champlain.edu
Advisor: Melanie Brown, Associate Professor, mbrown@champlain.edu