Whats New in the Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee, comprised of Bekemeh Airewele, Kiana Best, Hansel Alexander Carter IV, and Montserrat Guerra Solano, has been working hard to put on monthly heritage/identity appreciation events. This month for Native American Heritage Month, the SGA has provided Melody Brook a grant in order to bring a speaker to campus. The past months included events like movie screenings, a dance lesson event, and a sing your pride event.
The Diversity Committee decided to create these events because we want everyone on this campus feel appreciated and like their identities are important. We are looking forward to next semester, where we are currently brainstorming activities for Asian Heritages when we get back in January.
If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact the Diversity Committee at

Do You Want to Start a Club on Campus?

The first thing you need to do is find an advisor and 10 students who would like to regularly participate in the club.  The advisor can be any full or part time faculty or staff member at Champlain College.  Once you have these things, you can email the list of students to the Director of Clubs, and fill out the Appendix G.
The Appendix G can be found under the Clubs link on our website.  The Appendix G is where you will list the club heads and the advisor for the club. It is also where you will request a budget for the club.  Be sure that your budget is as detailed as possible.  Once these things are completed, you are considered an official club on campus.  The requested budget will be reviewed by SGA, and you will be notified of your official budget in the coming weeks.
It is important to note that athletic related clubs and any club that is seen to have a higher level of risk in the eyes of the school may have extra steps in the journey of becoming an official club on campus.  Anyone looking to start a club that might fall into this category should contact the Director of Clubs to find out what other steps might need to be done.

If you have any questions related to clubs feel free to contact Kendra Gagnon, the Director of Clubs, at

Fall Grant Update

One of the ways that the Student Government Association supports its students is through the Grant Fund. It is designed to enable individual Champlain College students and other campus organizations to participate in an activity that would otherwise be unfeasible. This semester we are excited to have supported roughly twenty grants totally in over $12,000 dollars!


Here some highlights of some of the grants that have been used.


COR 220.02 “Caged Birds Singing”

As a part of their Aesthetic Expressions class, Betsy Beaulieu and eleven students were able to travel to Washington D.C. The grant supported the exploration through the lived experiences of African Americans and draw connections between art, activism, and social change. This group visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture and see a performance of “Grace Notes: Reflections for Now” at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


CHIV Student Media Innovation Conference

The members of the online student run publication Chivomengro were personally invited to attend a conference at Northeastern’s School of Journalism. The “Student Media Innovation Conference” was founded by Matt Carroll, a former member of the ‘Spotlight’ team profiled in the film ‘Spotlight.’ They networked with Pulitzer winning journalists and other student publications. With this experience, Chiv hopes to engage more writers and artists and reach out to programmers, web designers, and social media marketers here on campus.


Champlain College Dance Team Music Video

For the past four years, the Dance Team has worked all semester to choreograph and film and music video. This year we were able to support their production! This team danced at the Flynn Center for Performing Arts to “I Feel It Still” by Portugal the Man. You can watch the finished product below!



The SGA is excited to be supportive of and be more engaged with the Champlain community! This is just a handful of grants that we have approved, and we are looking forward to what else we can aid. If you have a project that you think the SGA would be able to support, click here to fill out our grant proposal!


2017 Orientation Speech

Vice President’s Orientation Speech

Welcome Class of 2021!

As custom of the past few years, it is the pleasure of Student Government Association to welcome our newest class. For this year’s welcome speech, Vice President Bianca Roa addressed the Class of 2021 on Friday August 25, 2017.

You can read her remarks below:

“Hello and welcome family, friends, furry friends, and of course the Class of 2021! My name is Bianca Roa, and I am the Vice President of the Student Government Association or SGA. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to congratulate you on the start of your exciting journey at Champlain College.

In preparation for this speech, I reflected on my time here and truthfully I’m not sure how I’m already graduating in May. Just thinking about the transformation between the woman that stands before you now and the girl who stood in your place just three years ago, I feel incredibly empowered by my experience.

However do not be fooled. On my first day here, I was terrified, excited, overwhelmed, and a whole slew of other emotions. I moved exactly 987 miles away from sunny South Carolina to snowy Vermont, a place where I did not know who or what awaited me. And yes before you ask, the first winter was very hard for on my sweet southern soul.

But it was more than just weather and distance. I know that there are some of you who come from across the country and others from just down the road, and your college experiences will be different. Either way this is a turning point for you, Class of 2021. A chance for you to decide here and now if you want to lean into the change and embrace it.

My own journey has not been an easy one. There have been without a doubt hiccups along the way. However the reason why I stand here a confidently changed individual is because I had help getting here. From my wonderful advisors, to my supervisors, mentors, professors, family, and friends, it was my support systems that got me through. They helped me embrace paths I never even considered as options during my orientation.

My path has included international internships in Shanghai and Dublin, helping start the Stiller Women in Business organization, running for student government, and much more. Each of these were opportunities within my grasp as long as I had the passion and willpower to do it. So rest easy Mom and Dad, because when students are empowered to go after their goals and use the people and resources offered to them, the Champlain College experience is incredible.

Now I leave you with one last piece of advice, Class of 2021. Take charge of your time here. Get involved with things you know you are passionate about and also the things you aren’t as sure about. Whether it’s a leadership role like Student Government Association or joining Dance Team, Anime Club or Quidditch, just know that you get what you put into Champlain, so make the most of it. And if you are stuck and in a rut, reach out! That includes me or any other member of Student Government. If we can’t help you, we can help you find someone who will.

Good luck to you all!”