Addiction and Recovery Forum – Run by SGA’s Liza Ryan!

SGA EHS Representative Emma Santos took a different route from knitting this week, and attended the Addiction and Recovery Forum event led by fellow student leader, Liza Ryan. “ [It was an] incredible event, with a whole host of great speakers talking about addiction, recovery, resources in our community, the current state of the opioid epidemic, and what it looks like in the context of Burlington and Vermont. Speakers from all areas of this issue spoke, including BPD, Turning Point, a young speaker in recovery, Bruce Bovat the head of CPS, the health center and the counseling center, and a speaker from the Howard Center who provided Narcan training.” It is so amazing to see the voices of Champlain students tackle heavy topics the way Liza has, and her leadership and bravery have paved the way for other students to follow in her footsteps. As a resident assistant at Champlain college, guiding students is right up Liza’s wheelhouse – A huge SGA Congratulations to Liza and her supportive and informative event!

Tabletop Games Club – A visit from Gabe Ingman, Senior Class Representative

What could be more fun than Tabletop Games? SGA Senior Class Representative, Gabe Ingman, found out for himself that the answer is nothing! This past week, Gabe attended the Tabletop Games Club, run by Kyle Vigneau, for a Magic the Gathering card game night. However, Gabe said that the best part wasn’t even the games themselves. “The card games were fun, but the atmosphere was better. Everyone was talking, laughing, and really enjoying their time there. I hadn’t played Magic in years but after one evening with the Tabletop Games Club, I want to get back into it!” If fun with friends and re-kindling old loves of games sounds like an evening you’d be interested in, make sure to stop by every Monday at 7:00pm in Joyce 311 to play anything from a Role-Playing-Game to Risk! Interested? Contact club head Kyle Vigneau at for more information.

Ski & Ride Rail Jam 2018

Champlain College’s 15th Annual Rail Jam is the largest student run event on campus each year. On Friday, November 9th, the Ski & Riders geared up for rainy weather in the Finney Quad.

Every year, the event has seen an increase in size, popularity, and overall caliber. The Rail Jam has been a staple in the Champlain community, as well as the Burlington community, for over a decade now and has gained the recognition of Ski & Ride Clubs from Universities across the country. A unique event such as this offers a valuable marketing tactic to potential students, whether they are currently involved with skiing and riding, or not.

The Ski & Ride club currently has over a dozen sponsors from a vast array of skiing and snowboarding companies nationwide; thus, the success of the Rail Jam is supported financially by the Student Government Association. Each one of the members in the Ski & Ride Club puts in countless hours over the course of two months to make this event happen, however nothing makes the club more happy than hearing tour guides telling potential students about how they transform a patch of grass into a winter wonderland in early November.

Major ITS Events Fall Semester 2018

On October 22nd at 8 PM the SGA hosted the 2018 ITS Conference.  SGA reps for the ITS division, Shelsea Henry and Cecilia Pohlar facilitated the conference to bridge the gaps between majors in the ITS division. Four professors from the division volunteered as guest speakers, discussing topics ranging from data analytics to using procedural generation to create story-based games. The conference was a huge success with 35 attendees; stay tuned in the spring for the student edition!
The following week on October 30th at 5:30 PM the Vermont Women’s Fund Annual Benefit Celebration occurred. Numerous members from the Women in Technology club attended. The event began with a networking reception where members were able to connect with local professionals. Attendees heard from Governor Phil Scott and Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code. Co-president Anna Matich said, “the event was inspirational to women and girls in Vermont!”

EHS Representative, Emma Santos, Visits Knitting for Good

We know midterms are done, but with finals around the corner, stress is rising on campus – What better way to cool down than with some relaxing knitting? Emma Santos, EHS Representative for the SGA, took a stroll down to the Women’s and Gender Center to de-stress with club president, Kate Beauregard, at the Knitting for Good weekly meeting. “The club itself is a great environment designed to be a time for relaxing from daily stresses by knitting or crocheting in a calm environment with the end purpose of completing knit goods to be donated to charitable organizations,” says Emma, who really enjoyed her time with the Knitting for Good club! If destressing and charitable donations are up your speed, make sure to email Kate at for more information about the club meeting!