The SGA Grant Fund is designed to assist Champlain College students—both as individuals and as groups or organizations—in their participation in an activity that would otherwise be impeded by lack of finances. These activities may include but are not limited to conference attendance, campus events, and community engagement.

To apply for grant funding, please refer to the link below and fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. Maria Morales, the SGA Vice President, will be notified when your form has been submitted, and the Senate will then discuss your grant application at the next Senate meeting.

Apply for a grant here.

For reimbursement on expenses approved in either grants or club budgets, please submit a completed copy of the following reimbursement form. This form will be submitted to Caitlyn Dangvu, Director of Finance.

Contact Emails:

Maria Morales, Vice President:

Caitlyn Dangvu, Director of Finance:

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