The SGA Grant Fund is designed to financially support Champlain College students, whether funds are needed for a conference attendance, campus event, or personal project.

The House of Representatives determines how the grant funds are distributed throughout the year. Grant approvals are discussed every other week, at the House Meeting, on Wednesdays at 3:00 – 4:15 PM in CCM 233.

To apply for grant funding, please refer to the link below and fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. The SGA Vice President will be notified when your form has been submitted, and the House of Representatives will then discuss your grant application at the next House meeting.


For reimbursement of expenses approved in either grants or club budgets, please submit a completed copy of the following reimbursement form. This form will be submitted to the Director of Finance.

Contact Emails:

Vice President:

Director of Finance:

Tips and Tricks for Grant Submission

  • Unless critical to the success of your event/activity, SGA does not fund food costs.
  • While all grants will be viewed equally, having a speaker available for the House of Representatives meeting will provide greater context which is necessary to fund allocation.
  • The SGA House of Representatives reserves the right to cut the total cost requested at the discretion of its members.

Example Grant Budget Breakdown

  • Must be set up as an itemized list
  • Must include exact pricing of each item if possible (vagueness of budget breakdown may cause the decline of your grant until details are provided)
  • Provide links to items to be purchased if online

Alternatives to SGA Grant Funding


The Angel Fund is an application that provides students with additional financial aid upon approval by the Chair of the Fund.

Contact Information:

Watson, Hilary
Assistant Director, Student Support Services and Single Parents
Student Engagement
(802) 860-2723
Skiff Hall & Annex

The Office of International Education

This office heads all available financial choices for students studying abroad. They are able to determine scholarships and grants that students are able to apply for.

Contact Information: Current OIE Faculty Contacts

Deans of Education

Description: The Deans of Academic Divisions are able to determine the budget of each division in order to aid students in completing their projects.

Contact Information: Active Dean’s List Contacts