Elections Applications

We are Now Accepting 2017 Elections Applications

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Elections are Friday, September 15, in the Fireside Lounge from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

We are no longer accepting applications

We look forward to seeing you at elections!

This year we are starting new electoral positions at the SGA. This year, each class will have the opportunity to vote for class representatives and a community representative.

The some of their responsibilities will include:

● Attend meetings of the House of Representatives.
● Abide by the SGA Standing Rules.
● Engage and communicate with their constituents throughout each semester.
● Serve on institutional committees as requested.
● Participate in training or retreats scheduled by the Cabinet.

Campaign Season begins Friday, September 8 and ends Thursday, September 14
Career Opportunities

The SGA is looking for a Communications Assistant for this fall semester. The student would be creating daily social media and develop blog posts. The assistant would have to dedicate four hours a week to the SGA for a stipend. We are looking for someone preferably in the Professional Writing or Communication majors; but it is not required. Please submit a resume and cover letter to Hearthstone by Wednesday, September 20th, by 5 pm for the Communications position. If you have any questions, please contact Monique Lavallee at monique.lavallee@mymail.champlain.edu