Cabinet Position Descriptions

Cabinet Position Descriptions

SGA President

  1. Chair meetings of the Cabinet.
  2. Serve as liaison to the administration on behalf of the SGA.
  3. Report on the SGA’s state of affairs to the Champlain College President’s Cabinet twice each year.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member of all SGA committees.
  5. Approve expenditures in the absence of the Director of Finance.
  6. Nominate candidates for the offices of Director of Clubs, Director of Communications, Director of Finance, and Director of Operations.

SGA Vice President

  1. Chair meetings of the Senate.
  2. Chair the Standing Rules Committee.
  3. Provide Cabinet with action report following Senate meetings.
  4. Serve as Vice Chair of the College Council.
  5. Chair Cabinet meetings in the absence of the President.
  6. Succeed to the office of President should the office be vacated.

Director of Communications

  1. Maintain and update the SGA website and social media pages.
  2. Publicize the actions and procedures of the SGA through maintaining digitally published
  3. Promote elections at the direction of the corresponding committees.
  4. Manage the SGA email.

Director of Diversity and Engagement

  1. Provide guidance to the House of Representatives and Cabinet on matters of diversity and
    inclusion to ensure that advocacy remains a primary focus of the organization.
  2. Facilitate and encourage engagement between SGA representatives and their respective
    constituencies as specified in the Standing Rules.
  3. Meet regularly with organizations on campus that serve students of diverse identity groups.
  4. Provide monthly reports on the state of diversity and inclusion on campus to the House of
    Representatives and the Cabinet.
  5. Chair the Diversity and Engagement Committee.

Director of Clubs

  1. Coordinate with SGA-funded clubs.
  2. Coordinate with the Director of Finance for finance related issues.
  3. Maintain detailed club information (list of approved clubs, approval documents, attendance,
    rosters, etc.).
  4. Provide monthly reports to both the Cabinet and House of Representatives.
  5. Coordinate training for club leaders once per semester.

Director of Operations

  1. Schedule meetings for the House of Representatives and Cabinet.
  2. Record minutes at meetings of the House of Representatives and Cabinet.
  3. Manage the SGA mailbox.
  4. Serve as office manager.

Director of Finance

  1. Chair the Finance Committee.
  2. Propose and manage the SGA budget.
  3. Approve expenditures, including those for grants and club budgets awarded by the Senate.
  4. Provide monthly budget updates to both the Cabinet and the House of Representatives.