Champlain’s Transportation Shuttle

A few weeks ago, Champlain revealed the new look of the transportation shuttle (pictured below). The wrapping of the shuttle was a collaboration between three departments: Champlain’s Conference and Event Center, the Transportation Office, and Champlain’s Marketing department; and it was decided that this was a good investment for a number of reasons.

  • It promotes Champlain’s meeting space in the Vermont community. The Conference and Event Center brings in revenue that allows the college to expand the services they provide to students.
  • It makes the shuttle easily identifiable for students, visitors, and community members. It is important to promote that Champlain is using sustainable transportation methods and is working to minimize our vehicular footprint.
  • It builds brand awareness for Champlain College. The college is working to position Champlain as a leading institution in the mind of employers in the Burlington area, so Champlain students are kept high in mind when local companies are looking to hire interns and graduates.
  • It works as a recruitment tool for prospective students. While this may have been an investment that will be beneficial in the future, the majority of Champlain’s marketing tools are very cost-efficient. Most recruitment is done through email, social media, texting, SEO initiatives, and video and content marketing.