Dan McCorkle, Filmmaking Major, Shoots ‘The Nose’

Dan McCorkle is a fourth year filmmaking student at Champlain College. He recently presented a grant to SGA regarding his capstone film, The Nose. The film is based on a Russian short story called ‘The Nose’ written by Nikolai Gogol and will be the culmination of my work here at Champlain College. It is a story heavily grounded in “magical realism” and will include a variety of practical effects and unusual set design. McCorkle expressed ‘The Nose’ to be “the zenith of my stylistic growth as a student filmmaker”.

Last year Dan McCorkle completed a science fiction piece, titled ‘Untold’. This piece called for the building of multiple scale models, the design of costumes, and creation of a spaceship interior set in the basement of Cushing Hall. Dan worked hard to ensure the film fit the golden age of Sci-Fi aesthetic. Thus, In October the film will be screening on PBS’ “Made Here” program as part of a showcase of local Vermont artists. This year Dan is looking to push the visual boundaries of his work even further. He had tirelessly been writing the script and preparing for production since the end of Spring Semester, 2018.

McCorkle’s film will benefit the Champlain student body in a variety of ways. The film offers working opportunities for rising Champlain filmmaking students and will represent a quality piece of work arising out of the school’s supportive attitude toward students.This will be a great opportunity for them to grow as filmmakers, learn the intricacies of on set work, and become comfortable with their peers and their own talents.  ‘The Nose’ is a stylistic outsider from many other student works at Champlain. It is a bizarre and visually stimulating work, a “midnight movie” of sorts. It will stand out in Champlain College’s repertoire of work, and will serve to expand the broad spectrum of talented work arising from Champlain College’s filmmaking program.