NAEYC 2018 Conference | Education Majors

On November 14th, The National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) launched their 2018 Annual Conference in Washington DC. Champlain students, Dymon Guthrie and Vanessa Guzman, were able to attend the 4-day conference with the aid of the Student Government Association grant fund in addition to funding from the EHS Department and Angel Fund. As two Early Childhood and Elementary Education undergraduate students, they found the conference impactful and imperative to their growth as education professionals.

To attend the event, Dymon and Vanessa tirelessly detailed their trip from determining transportation to budgeting meals. Dymon states,“This unique event took lots of planning and preparation, but it was worth it!”. First-time attendees, Dymon and Vanessa, utilized the opportunity to network with other educators and participate in speaker sessions, providing helpful tips on teaching America’s future generations.

While at the conference, the two undergrads were able to fully understand the importance of Early Childhood Educators and realize how fundamental their future career choice is. They  participated in sessions involving how to help children regulate their emotions, the importance of play to help spark children’s creativity, as well as tips pertaining to self care. A major takeaway from the event was the need to maintain selfcare before taking care of others.

“Fill yourself up before you can give to someone else.” – NAUEYC 2018 Annual Conference

Three methods to practice for self care the reader may utilize include:

  1. Practice mindfulness through deep breathing and being self aware.
  2. Create your own community by having people in you can talk deeply with.
  3. Think of three good things that you are thankful for.

Dymon and Vanessa are ready to provide their classmates with all the lessons and takeaways they received during their time at the 2018 Annual Conference. The SGA values the professional and academic growth of the Champlain student body. Thus, the House of Representatives takes initiative in providing financial aid for academic conferences that positively impact students. Please reach out to the SGA if Dymon and Vanessa’s experience inspired you pursue attending future professional events!