SGA EHS Representative Emma Santos took a different route from knitting this week, and attended the Addiction and Recovery Forum event led by fellow student leader, Liza Ryan. “ [It was an] incredible event, with a whole host of great speakers talking about addiction, recovery, resources in our community, the current state of the opioid epidemic, and what it looks like in the context of Burlington and Vermont. Speakers from all areas of this issue spoke, including BPD, Turning Point, a young speaker in recovery, Bruce Bovat the head of CPS, the health center and the counseling center, and a speaker from the Howard Center who provided Narcan training.” It is so amazing to see the voices of Champlain students tackle heavy topics the way Liza has, and her leadership and bravery have paved the way for other students to follow in her footsteps. As a resident assistant at Champlain college, guiding students is right up Liza’s wheelhouse – A huge SGA Congratulations to Liza and her supportive and informative event!