Tabletop Games Club – A visit from Gabe Ingman, Senior Class Representative

What could be more fun than Tabletop Games? SGA Senior Class Representative, Gabe Ingman, found out for himself that the answer is nothing! This past week, Gabe attended the Tabletop Games Club, run by Kyle Vigneau, for a Magic the Gathering card game night. However, Gabe said that the best part wasn’t even the games themselves. “The card games were fun, but the atmosphere was better. Everyone was talking, laughing, and really enjoying their time there. I hadn’t played Magic in years but after one evening with the Tabletop Games Club, I want to get back into it!” If fun with friends and re-kindling old loves of games sounds like an evening you’d be interested in, make sure to stop by every Monday at 7:00pm in Joyce 311 to play anything from a Role-Playing-Game to Risk! Interested? Contact club head Kyle Vigneau at for more information.