Diversity Advisor Application

After dialogue in recent months about lack of/need for diverse representation in student leadership, we have built roles into our team that focus specifically upon diversity—to help us keep the unique needs of our diverse range constituents in mind right here and right now, and to help us evaluate our long-term structure in hopes that an aura of inclusion and a celebration of diversity is instinctive within future administrations of our organization.
Applicants for this position do not have to have identities that include any specific race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc., but applicants should be individuals who care deeply about inclusion and have enough familiarity with diversity topics to aid the SGA in applying a lens of diversity to its work, a lens that will help the SGA both connect more effectively with students and benefit a greater portion of the student body.
Applications must be submitted by Monday, September 19 at the latest, and candidate interviews will take place on Wednesday, September 21. Full description of this position can be found in the attached application document, which is also available in physical copy in Hearthstone.
Please contact Director of Communications Jared Knepper with any questions or concerns.

Download the diversity Advisor Application here

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